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00-02 Dodge Neon Products

Posted by Twinsen80 On May - 30 - 2011

Today on Dash Z Racing,  We will show you how you can change your stock 00-02 Dodge Neon, into a fixed up beauty.  We have many items at your disposal.  We have headlights that can help with your visibilty and also give your 00-02 Dodge Neon a more modern look.  We also have LED tail lights, that will take less power on your vehicle as well as giving your car a shaper look.  We also have many different carbon fiber product for the 00-02 Dodge Neon.  We have hoods and trunk lids that will give your car a more aggressive and racing style.  We also have some items to change things under the hood as well.  We have some intakes that you can install to improve airflow as we as increase in horsepower.  Let’s kick off this preview with some different projector headlights.

00-02 Dodge Neon Halo LED Projector Headlights

This is a pair of 00-02 Dodge Neon projector headlights with halo and LED. These 00-02 Dodge Neon projector headlights come with the latest design halo angel eyes rings, and give your Dodge Neon a Euro style look. The projector headlights are with OEM standard quality and are designed for stock lights direct replacement

00-02 Dodge Neon LED Tail Lights

This is a pair of 00-02 Dodge Neon LED tail lights in chrome housing. This pair of 00-02 Dodge Neon LED tail lights are the latest style with LED lights so when you brake, the LED tail lights will light up and give your Dodge Neon an outstanding style. All the wiring are pre-assembled so you do not need to do any wiring modification at all. The 00-02 Dodge Neon LED tail lights are with OEM standard quality and are designed for stock lights direct replacement. Installation is easy, direct bolt on with no modification needed.

00-02 Dodge Neon SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood

This is a 00-02 Dodge Neon Carbon Fiber Hood manufactured by SEIBON. This00-02 Dodge Neon SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood is made of high quality Grade A carbon fiber material with UV coating protect the surface from the sunlight. This carbon fiber hood reduces the front weight of the vehicle resulting in better power to weight ratio; thus, improves acceleration, braking, and cornering by producing less inertial force than the original hood. Different hood designs can also improve aerodynamics and cooling. This SEIBON carbon fiber hood is direct bolt on for OEM fitment. Professional installation is highly recommended.

SEIBON carbon fiber hood made from 1-piece mold to prevent the hood from splitting in half; SEIBON also apply roll carbon edge, not cut-edge like other poor quality carbon fiber hoods.  Seibon is manufactured using 1-piece mold to prevent the hood from splitting in half.  There is two kind of carbon fiber on the market – “dry carbon” and “wet carbon”.  All SEIBON carbon fiber is “wet carbon”.  Dry vs. wet involves completely different processes of manufacturing. You can find extensive articles about the details on the web if you do a general search. As for pros and cons, here is a brief summary: Simply put, with dry carbon, you get the most strength and save the most weight. The weaves and quality are more consistent, but they are generally 3 to 4 times more expensive than wet carbon. Wet carbon products are hand-laid, and are more prone to small defects like wavy weaves and tiny bubbles. They do not save as much weight as their dry carbon counterparts. But on the plus side, you get an incredible combination of visual attraction, weight-deduction, and most importantly, price.  To conclude, wet carbon products are also the most popular and most commonly referred to as just “carbon fiber”, and if you want a carbon fiber hood, no other choice is better than SEIBON!

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