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1999-2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights DIY Installation Guide 1

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On February - 28 - 2010

This article is a installation guide for 99-00 Honda Civic clear fog lights, 99-00 Honda Civic JDM yellow fog lights and 99-00 Honda Civic smoke fog lights.

1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Clear 1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Yellow 1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Smoke

This installation gives you a pretty good idea about what you need to do for installing the 99-00 Honda Civic fog lights, and Dash Z Racing recommends you to install the fog lights with professional for the best result.  If you want to get more information from Honda official web site about installing the OEM fog lights (which is very similar to these aftermarket Honda Civic EK fog lights), you can go to: 99-00 Honda Civic OEM Fog lights installation guide.

1. Required Tools:

* 99-00 Honda Civic EK fog lights including all hardware and wiring, you can visit www.dashzracing.com to purchase a set.
* Rotary tool (aka Dremel) with a metal cutting grinding bit (pictured below)
* Standard socket set
* Philips and flathead (common slot) screwdriver
* Electrical tape
* Large Cardboard pieces to rest the bumper on

2. Here is a picture of what the 99-00 Honda Civic Fog Lights contains:


The Honda Civic EK fog lights kit will include one pair of fog lights, pre-assembled wiring harness, on/off switch, relay, mounting brackets, screws and some other accessories like zip ties and metal grilles.

3. Paint the fog lights cover (optional):

If you want to match your fog lights cover with your Civic, you should paint the fog lights cover before the installation step.  Our 99 civic fog lights usually come in grey painted finish or black paint finish, and if you do not paint the fog lights cover, it will look awesome on your Honda Civic as well

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-4 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-5

4. Assemble the Civic fog lights

Take the nuts and bolts and assemble the lamps as pictured.  The picture on the left is the passenger-side foglamp and the pictures on the right is the driver-side foglamp.  Be sure to use the included washer and lock washer for the four bolts.  Go ahead and tighten them up as the brackets have enough flexibility to fit the bumper.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-6 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-7

5. Remove the front bumper

Now you need to remove your front bumper.  In order to remove your bumper, you need to unscrew the side and the screws on the grille that hold the front bumper.  This process is very straightforward, if you try to pull your bumper slightly, you should be able to tell where the screw is.  In order to avoid possible scratch, remember to put you bumper on a piece of cardboard instead of putting it on the ground.


6. Cutting the hole on the bumper for the fog lights

This process is not reverse-able, meaning that once you cut the hole for the fog lights, you have to stuck with the fog lights unless you are getting a new bumper for your Civic.  Therefore, if you are not sure you want to install the fog lights or not, stop here!

Look at the inside of the bumper and this is the area we’re going to be working on (pictured is the driver-side).  Notice that there is a faint outline template that came from the factory.  You’ll want to make sure you cut within those lines.  I’m a bit conservative as you can see so I tried to cut a hole that just fit the cover, but it’s not that necessary as the hole is covered by the cover anyways.

Take your rotary tool with the grinding bit (notice the one that I used) and carefully cut along the lines.  Be careful not to cut the tabs where you will be screwing the lamp hardware into.  Test fit the cover and modify as needed.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-9 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-10

7. Install the fog lights to the bumper hole

In the picture on the right is where I screwed the lamp into the bumper tabs.  I screwed in the ones on the right first and then the left as the bracket needs to be man-handled a bit to line up with the bumper tabs.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-11 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-12

On the left is a picture from the front showing the fog light peeking through the bumper hole.    Pictured on the right is where the cover has been put into place.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-13 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-14

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-16 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-15

8. Wire the fog lights Kit

Start from the passenger-side and thread the wiring harness down the left side of the radiator. Notice I used some painters tape to wrap up the connectors so they wouldn’t get snagged on anything on the way down.  Thread the wiring harness down and pull it through so the 2 foglamp connectors are lined up.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-17 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-18

Thread the harness up the right side of the rad … it’s a tight fit to get your hand in there to pull it up harness.  Now you’ll need to connect the ground wire to either of the ground points in reach.  Pictured on the right I used the one below the rad (see the black foam thing) and to the left of the wiring.  Loosen the bolt with an 8mm, put the C connector under there and tighten it back up.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-19 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-20

Ensure that the connectors are within reach of the lamps themselves on the left and right.  Ziptie everything down using the ones supplied.  They’re not great so I ended up using some that I had but it’s a small point.  Notice that the harness was too long in the middle so I folded it over and ziptied it down so it won’t come loose when driving.


9. Put the front bumper back on

Now take the bumper and line it up to the connectors.  Connect the lamps.  Here’s another tip, these connectors are fully exposed to the elements.  Rain, snow, salt, etc.  So to ensure that I wouldn’t have a corrosion problem in the connectors I used some non-conductive grease.

1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-22 1999-2000-honda-civic-ek-fog-lights-installation-23

Now reinstall the bumper which is simply the reverse of removing.  I usually line it up so it sits properly on all sides, reinstall the plastic push clips by the grill, reinstall the screws in the wheel wells and lastly the screws under the bumper.   Once it’s on it’ll look pretty awesome like this.


Now you’ve finished putting on the fog lights to your front bumper, and you still need to wire the fog lights to a on/off switch that you put inside your Civic.  Please go to Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Wiring Installation Guide.

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