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2006-2008 Volkswagen Golf V GTI Altezza Tail Lights Installation Guide

Posted by dashzracing On January - 30 - 2012

This is the DIY installation for the 2006-2008 Volkswagen Golf V GTI Altezza tail lights, you can find them in Dashzracing storefront.  You can find chrome housing and black housing available in the storefront.  Now, let’s the installation begin:

1. Remove the cover from inside of the trunk

2. Remove back up light bulb socket

3. Remove two 10mm bolts then remove the trunk taillight

4. Install new trunk tail light two 10mm bolts and install back up light socket

5. uninstall the cover

6. Remove the cover

7. Disconnect tail light harness

8. Remove two 13mm tail light bolts

9. Remove the tail light

10. Remove the tail light socket from the OEM tail light

11. Install tail light socket to the new tail light

12. Install the new tail light and 2 13mm Tail light bolts

13. Connect the tail light harness and repeat the steps for the other side

14. The installation is now completed

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