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07-10 Toyota Tundra Fog Lights Plug & Play Instruction Guide

Posted by dashzracing On March - 22 - 2010

This is the installation guide for the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Toyota Tundra Fog Lights.  In this article, we will teach you how to install this 07-10 Toyota Tundra Fog lights with easy step-by-step instruction.  These Toyota Tundra Fog Lights are designed for the Tundra with pre-wired fog harness which means it’s “Plug and Play Install”.  After you read this instruction, don’t forget to go to our storefront and get a pair of 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra Fog lights for your 07, 08, 09 or 10 Toyota Tundra. (Please review complete instructions before starting)


Verify the kit contents

  • Left Fog Lamp ( Driver’s side ) Assembly
    -Fog Lamp
    -Fog Lamp (LH) Holder
    -9005 Lamp 42W
  • Right Fog Lamp (passenger’s side)
    -Fog Lamp
    -Fog Lamp (RH) Holder
    -9005 Lamp 42w
  • Fog Lamp Switch (dashboard mounting)
  • Harness Assembly
    -Fog Lamp Switch Harness
  • Fog Lamp Switch Harness



1: Lossen the bottom of the Splash Shield

See Figure 1: Remove both of the 10mm bolts from the Spiash Shield behind the left (driver’s side) Fog Lamp position.  Use either a 10mm socket or a Phillips screw driver.

See Figure 2: Remove the lower Push Clip from the Spiash Shield.  Push in both wings, with a flat bladed screwdriver, to remove it the Weather Guard from bumper.


2: Remove the Fog Lamp Blanks from the bumper

Insert a thin, Flat screwdriver, at about 12 and 9 o’clock, to release the tab.  Pull the Filler out from the front.  (See Figure 3)

3: Install the Left Fog Lamp ( driver’s side ) assembly.

See Figure 4.  Put it in from the front.  Insert the two tabs, further to the back, before the one first released when removing the Filler.  Push it in firmly until you hear a Locking Sound.


Use a Zip Tie to fasten the Fog Lamp Assembly to the bumper frame as shown.
Plug the connector into the Lamp.  The connector is taped up to the harness, just above the Fog Lamp.


Install the Fog Relay

2) Remove the Fuse Box Cover.
It is located just behind the battery in the Engine bay

3) Install the Fog Relay.
Plug the Fog Relay into the position shown.  You can check the position on the Diagram located inside, under the Fuse Box cover.


Install the Fog Lamp Switch

1.) Remove the driver’s side Door Sill Molding.

2.) Remove the driver’s side Kick Panel.
Remove the Plastic Nut above the driver’s Foot Rest.

3.) Remove the Lower Driver Side Dashboard.

Remove both of the 10mm bolts, designated 1 and 21.

Pull the bottom outward slightly, then pull the top tabs out.  There are two tabs on each side of the steering wheel.  Gently, allow it to hang from the cables.

4.) Insert the Fog Lamp Switch.

Remove the Blank from the Fog Light Switch position.  Squeeze the tabs together, from the rear, and slide it out the front.



5. Install the Harness ( Disconnect the Negative of the Battery)

a) Red Wire : Positive Input to the Switch.  Located Top Left Panel 3 Pins Down from the Top.

Install the Red input Wire and connect it to the green wire, as shown.  Snap it closed with a pair of pliers.  Insert the terminal securely.


*If you have a Alarm Installed.  Please connect the Red and “the Existing White Wire” to the Green wire.
See Figure 11

When the Battery is Connected, Use the Circuit light tester on the Green Wire to verify that it’s the Parking Light Output.

b) Blue Wire: Negative Output.  Located on Top Right Panel 4 pin Down.

Install the Blue output wire tap into 22 gauge thin Blue wire, you may Unplug this Harness to make it easier to tap into, the Blue wire is thin to make sure you have a good Connection.  (See Photo Above)

c) Black Wire : Ground.

Remove the 10mm Ground Bolt Label “C”.  Place the Black wire terminal on the bolt and then replace it.  Tighten it securely.

Route the wires neatly so that they do not interfere with the panels when replaced.  Zip Tie them in place if necessary.

Place Double Check to make sure the Red and Blue wire is correct in Figure 10

6.) Restore Power  ***( Use Circuit Light Tester on Green Wire to Detect Parking Lamps)***
Connect Negative on Battery, Turn on Parking Lights Mode.
The new Switch will now illuminated.  Test Switch On-Off for the Fog Lamps.

Replace the interior panels.

Slide the driver’s side Kick Panel forward into place.  There are two clamps which must be engaged.
Replace the Plastic Nut removed in step 2.  Tighten firmly by hand.


Figure 10 – No Alarm (Double Check the Red and Blue wire is installed Properly) Before Re-Connecting the Battery
A) Connect Red Wire to Green Wire Pin#3
B) Connect Blue Wire Thin Blue Wire Pin #4
C) Connect Black Wire to Ground


Figure 11 – With Alarm (white wire) Connect Red, White to Green.
A) Connect Red Wire to Green Wire by tapping into the White Wire Pin#3
B) Connect Blue Wire Thin Blue Wire Pin#4
C) Connect Black Wire to Ground

Now, the installation is completed and don’t forget to visit Dashzracing.com for more info about 07-10 Toyota Tundra Fog Lights and also check out the HID Conversion Kit Upgrade for these fog lights:

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