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2008 BMW M3 Coupe – WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Perfect combination of style and performance!!

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Ingar Charlie Bordi August 10 th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

This is Ingar, who say monkeys can’t be a professional article writer?! I’ve seen a lot of European cars and I always keep my eyes on all new vehicles. Recently, one car, the 2008 BMW M3 Coupe, is really catching my attention, so I HAVE to leave my banana, and dig into more details about this fantastic M3 for a nice write-up.

First of all, here we have some detail about this crazy 08 BMW M3:

– First BMW M3 with a V8 engine
– New design light weight 33lbs BMW M3 V8 engine; weight less than old M3 6 cylinder engine
– 414 horsepower (WOW!!) plus 295 lb-ft at 3900 RPM and 8400 RPM maximum speed
– Guess how much time from 0-62? 4.8 seconds!! and top speed 155 mile per hr, it is electronically limited, so they won’t let you drive too fast, LOL!!
– 6 speed manual tranny
– Suspension is made of all new light weight aluminum
– WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! – Carbon Fiber reinforced roof!! (this is the first car ever has this cool design! If you find any similar design later, that’s call COPYING!!)

The 2008 BMW M3 Coupe is powered by a 414 horsepower 4.0 L V8 engine. This crazy M3 combines with a 6-speed manual transmission and variable M differential lock. There is a 7-speed M double clutch transmission (M-DCT) with Drivelogic, and it is designed for high speed engine for shifting without interruption of power and traction. There are 11 electronic driving programs in M-specific set-up; 5 shifting driving programs for the AT mode and 6 driving programs for the manual mode including launch control for maximum acceleration from a standstill.

Base MSRP for this 08 BMW M3 2 Door Coupe is $56,500 (of course you know the BMW web site is a joke, HOW IN THE WORLD can the new M3 be $56000?!?!?!), optional accessories include navigation system, carbon fiber interior trim, etc. Notice that the M Double clutch transmission (M-DCT) is $2700 extra. I currently visit a local BMW dealer, and the window price is around $76,000, so you should expect a number close to or a bit less than this price (if you can get it for $56,500, please email me the store location!! LOL). For a complete 360 look of this 08 M3, please visit the BMW page here:


Before I finished this article, please allow me to applaud to our JDM articles feature writer K.K and American cars feature writer Travis. The GTR, indeed, is a nice match-up with my 08 BMW M3, but the 08 Mustang, NAH!!!! Good job though Travis, you’ve tried your best!

I’ll let my article ends here and sit back for some bananas. Before I go, here are some cool videos about the 2008 BMW M3 and the new M-DCT technology on the transmission, check it out:

The New BMW E92 M3 Commercial Video:

2008 M3 Double-Clutch Transmission (M-DCT):

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