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2008 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On September - 10 - 2008

2008 Las Vegas SEMA Car Show

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto Sep 10 th, 2008

To All My Readers, The greatest event of the year in the automotive cosmos is just around the corner. I’m talking about the annual SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aren’t you guys excited? This four day auto specialty market royal rumble starts on November 4th and ends November 7th with tons of activities filling the 3.2 million square-foot Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is my first year going to the SEMA Auto Show and I will be covering everything for my Dash Z reader fans. The latest developments in the automotive industry will be unveiled at the SEMA Show. I feel like a little girl in a candy store just talking about it. There will also be hundreds of new exhibits displaying new products from each segment of the auto aftermarket industry. I can’t wait to see the fleet of cars major automakers (exhibitors), including Honda, Nissan, and Mazda will be bring to the SEMA Show. The magnitude of the show grows each year, and I have heard it is going to be an enormous show this year.

Unfortunately the SEMA Auto Show is not open to the general public, BUT! If you know a friend that has a shop or you’re cool with your local garage they can probably get you a pass. It’s not too late to register for SEMA if you are looking to head out to the SEMA Auto Show. For those of you that will not be able to make it, DON’T WORRY! I will be there to cover all aspects of the SEMA Auto Show, from the color of the carpets to interviews with hot sexy models. So wish me luck in the city of sin. Hopefully I shall return peoples. Smiles and kisses Koneko

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