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7×6 H6054 LED Strip Crystal Headlights

Posted by Twinsen On July - 11 - 2012

Today we will be looking at some new 7X6 headlights with a new addition that should please car owners.  We have 7X6 headlights that also have leds strips.  We have these headlights with many different colors.  We have the LED strips in white, blue, green and red.  These headlights will fit in any vehicles that allow 7X6 headlights.  The headlights are different from the seal beams, because the headlights will use a H4 halogen bulb or HID bulb.  This is more convenient because you can just change out the bulb instead of the whole headlight housing like before.  The led strips will take any 12V power source, so you can splice into the parking lights, low beams.  These headlights can enhance the look of any older cars.  Now lets take a look at the headligths.

7x6 H6054 Red LED Crystal Headlights - Chrome

7x6 H6054 LED White Crystal Headlights - Chrome

7x6 H6054 Green LED Crystal Headlights - Chrome

7x6 H6054 Blue LED Crystal Headlights

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