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96-00 Honda Civic Hatchback Exact Fit Floor Mats – Black

Posted by dashzracing On February - 18 - 2010

Here’s the gallery of the incredible 96-00 Honda Civic Hatchback which has been fixed up nicely, let’s check them out:





If you had experienced on doing project car (especially for the older model), you know that you are looking for almost all the parts to replace on the project car.  After you done with the performance side such as a brand new turbo engine, catback exhaust system, cold air intake, etc.  Then you will need to fix the exterior for the look such as carbon fiber hood, a brand new sporty bumper side skirts, spoiler, headlights and tail lights, etc.  Then you will need to work on the interior such as racing seats, and audio.  But don’t forget one of the part that would wear out the easiest which is the floor mats.  When you get the car, the floor mats that in the car probably would look like the one in the following pictures:



So, what you need to get that fix will be a new set of floor mats which is the part that Dashzracing would like to present you today.  The 1996-2000 Honda Civic Hatchback Floor Mats is made for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 Honda Civic and they are exact fit for your 96-00 Honda Civic Hatchback.  You won’t need to worry about the floor mats would slip back and forth. These Civic floor mats also comes with anti-slip composition rubber backing to hold the mats in place. To enhance the style of these floor mats you can get a floor mat badge on the left and right side of the front floor mats, you can check out what option you have at dashzracing.com or click the following picture/link to go to the product page:

96-00 Honda Civic Hatchback Exact Fit Floor Mats – Black

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