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Continued on the previous post about 99-00 Honda Civic Fog lights installation, now we are about to start on wiring the fog lights and placing the harness to the interior.  As a reminder, Dash Z Racing carries these 99-00 Honda Civic Fog Lights in clear lens, JDM yellow lens and smoke lens:

1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Clear 1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Yellow 1999 2000 Honda Civic EK Fog Lights Smoke

Wiring the Fog Lights


Pictured on the top is the passenger-side where I routed the wiring harness under the airbox and attached the relay to the back of the airbox.  I bundled the cabling, leaving the fuse holder accessible, and zip tied it nicely.  I left the power connector within reach of the positive terminal of the battery.  Don’t connect it yet, as we have yet to install the in-cabin harness and switch.

Pictured below is the driver-side.  This particular kit doesn’t plug into the existing OEM foglamp wiring.  Notice the red power wire and bullet connector.   That needs to be routed through the firewall.


Wire Through the firewall

To get the wire through the firewall I needed to find the grommet for the factory wiring that I will also be using. In the picture on the left (click on it to see it larger) the grommet is visible behind that black canister that the vacuum hoses are connected to.  There a lot of stuff in the way to make for easy access so we’re going to get that wiring and the black canister out of the way.

Pictured on the right is the top down view of the area of the black canister and we see the metal bracket that needs to get out of the way.  There are 2 electrical connectors on the metal bracket, so remove them.  There are  3 x 10mm bolts on that hold the bracket in place so remove those too.



Once you have the bracket out of the way you’ll see the rubber grommet and you’ll stick a flathead screwdriver in there to dislodge it from it’s tight little home.  Careful not to skewer the factory wiring or scratching up your firewall too much.

Now for that red wire I made a small incision in the rubber grommet with a utility knife.



A very special wire fish tool is required, also known as straightened out coat hanger.  Push it through the rubber grommet.  Then into the cabin and you’ll see it come through above the clutch pedal.

99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-7 99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-8

Tape the wire to the end of the hanger with electrical tape and pull it back through the firewall.



Now I connected up the wire’s bullet connector to the fog lamp wiring harness and taped it so it wouldn’t separate.  I also routed and ziptied the wire down to some of the existing wiring.  It’s not terribly important but it’s nice to keep it clean.

99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-11 99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-12

Get the wiring to the interior

Now take the driver side knee (under the steering wheel) panel off.  There are 3 Philips screws.  2 on the lower left and right.  The last is hidden above the wing mirror adjustment.  Pull the panel down releasing the metal push clips.  Take the 2 electrical connectors off and get the knee panel out of the way.


Pull the excess red wire through into the cabin and connect the bullet connector to the red wire of the switch harness.   There’s a bunch of excess of the red wire, so I bundled it nicely with a zip tie.   The switch wiring harness has a connector that needs to plug into the fuse box.  To finish off the wiring there is a ground (black) wire with a C connector on the end of it.  Connect that to a good ground point like the one just below the fuse box.

99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-14 99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-15

Finally we put the switch into the knee panel area where the blank plate used to be.  I think I put it in upside down but something’s up the switch because it bears against the top and prevents me from switching it off.

Around the back, connect up the connectors to the proper switches, plugging in the fog lamp wiring.  Replace the knee panel.

99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-16 99-00-honda-civic-fog-lights-installation-17

Now you are done with the fog lights wiring setup, if you are applying HID conversion kit with these 99-00 Honda Civic EK fog lights, you simply need to connect the ballast to the battery and plug in the light bulbs to the fog lights.  For the installation for the HID conversion Kit, you can read this article about General Installation guide for HID conversion kit.  One more note about installing the HID kit with these fog lights.  Since the 99-00 Civic fog lights has a bracket cover at the back of the fog lights, so in order to install the H3 HID conversion kit, you have to do minor modification on the bracket that allows the wiring of the HID light bulbs come out from the bracket.  I would suggest you to drill a hold on the bracket to take out the wire.

Now take a look at the 99-00 Honda Civic Fog Lights Kit and how it looks on the Civic EK!







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