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New Audi LED headlights technology

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On September - 30 - 2008

NEW Audi LED headlight technology – Additional Safety and Style

Posted by
Ingar Charlie Bordi September 30 th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

This is Ingar.  Lately, I fall in love with all new Audi cars, all because of the attractive LED headlights in the dark!  Look at the pictures above, isn’t it the coolest lights in the world?!

Back in 2003 Pikes Peak Concept at Detroit, Audi showed a slat-shaped LED fog light which amazed the world; In the same year, Audi showed their all LED headlights on the Audi Nuvolari Quattro at the Geneva Motor Show.  Moreover, Audi also helped to speed up EU approval for advanced and powerful lighting technology, and now EU has granted Audi a permit to offer the unique LED headlights on Audi R8.  Indeed, Audi proved themselves as the leader in the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.

Above picture shows that Audi LED head lamps assembly is separated into four parts:

1. An array of four LEDs low beam headlights module that make up the upper and lower reflector shells, range and light and dark boundary via the plastic lens from three arrays of two LEDs

2. An array of four LEDs per reflector shell that make up the LED high beam headlight reflectors

3. An array of eight amber LEDs that make up the turn signal lights

4. Twenty-four white LEDs with optical fibers for homogeneous illumination that make up the daytime running light strips

The all LED headlights assembly is already installed on the Audi R8, A5, S5, S6, A8 W12 Quattro.  Besides the LED headlight secitons, the assembly also includes two cooling fans for low and high beam.  Although the heat generated by LED is low, the fans still serve to circulate heat to the plastic lens for melting ice or snow for some cold regions.

Despite of the revolutionary functionary of LED headlights, this idea also brings increased flexibility for designing the shape of the headlights.  Now, because the light is not coming from a single source, also the LEDs occupies less space than traditional light bulbs, it has more freedom to transform the front of the car more easily.

Although Audi is the first one to apply LED to headlight and fog lights technology, I have seen in couple forums there are LED strips for custom install to any headlights.  There are also LED strips fog lights for Volkswagen Golf too.   (Hope that Dash Z will be carrying them soon)  Here are some pictures showing how it looks for LED fog lights on VW.  Ingar will keep you updated if I know where we can get this cool product!

P.S. Hey Travis, I don’t mean to hurt you, but have you seen such cool design in any American cars?  M3 carbon fiber roof, Audi LED headlights!  No doubt, American is powerful, but gasoline is so expensive now, I rather buy the design and look cool rather than buy gasoline and go broke!

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