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The Truth Behind HID Conversion Kits

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On June - 30 - 2010

Hid Conversion Kits are in high demand in the auto industry.  They are so popular for a number of reasons, it’s easy to install (any truck can do it), it changes the brightness of your headlights on your ride, and it attracts attention.  The whole fad started when BMW and Mercedes Benz released their high end luxury cars with hid systems.  Everyone wants their ride to look like a luxury car without having to pay the price.  This entire Hid trend is getting so out of control that it’s creating a giant demand on the market, this basically means that everyone and their mom will be trying to slang Hid Conversion Kits.  As you can see from the pictures above, there are tons of different Hid Kits out on the market.  Different ballasts and bulbs with a bunch of low budget stickers on the ballast with a brand new.  The funniest name I’ve seen so far is a brand called “X-TUNED”, doesn’t that sound like a satellite radio station?  That’s just bananas!  I would be surprised if you told me your neighbor tried to sell you a Hid Conversion Kit.

If you plan on installing a Hid Conversion Kit, make sure you know what type of kit to purchase and not just get a $30.00 Hid Kit from your neighbor that knows somebody who can get Hid Kits cheap.  When you’re buying a Hid Conversion Kit, the 1st thing you want to check for is the Hid Ballast.  And those of you clowns that still don’t know what a Hid Ballast is, it’s the metal box that the Hid Bulbs connect to.  The Hid Ballasts are the heart and soul of your Hid Kit.  It will decide how long your Hid Kit will last.  I know what you’re probably thinking right now, How do I know which Hid Ballast is the “Good One”?  First you need to make sure your Hid Ballasts are AC Ballasts.  DC Ballasts can cause destructive electrolysis effects in most headlights.  So remember “AC Ballast”.  Just a reminder, Dash Z Racing “ONLY” carry top of the line Hid Kits with AC Ballast.  We don’t use that cheap DC stuff.  Here are some pictures of the Hid Kits we carry, look at the difference of our Hid Ballasts and not to mention the Hid Ballasts are assembled in Japan.  If you get tricked into buying a cheap DC Hid Kit thinking you got the “Good One” it’s probably going to last you about 3 months.

Hid Conversion Kits work best with projector headlights.  The power of the Hid Conversion Kit can be focused through the projector lens of the headlight rather it being all spread out on a standard headlight.  Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.  The picture on your left is a projector headlight with a Hid Kit installed and the picture on your right a non-projector headlight with a Hid Kit installed.  If you’re going to install a Hid Kit on your ride, make sure you do it the right way with a projector headlight to achieve a clean cut off line.

Last, I’m going to share with you the difference between standard Hid Conversion Kits and Bi-Xenon Hid Conversion Kits.  Pay attention because you will want to know the difference so you can purchase the correct Hid Kit and not look and sound like a retard if you have to return the Hid Kit because you ordered it wrong.  Bi-Xenon Hid Conversion Kits replaces a dual filament halogen bulb, basically install it if only when your headlight has one housing bulb slot.  If your headlights have separate housing bulb slots you would order 2 standard Hid Conversion Kits, one for the low beam and one for the high beam.   The picture on the left is the type of headlight that only has one bulb housing slot so you would order a Bi-Xenon Hid Kit and the picture on the right is a separate  bulb headlight.  I hope reading this article has helped you understand more about Hid Kits, if you have any questions please feel free to email or contact us.

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