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Led & Halo Projector Headlight Installation DIY Wiring

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On April - 3 - 2010

Projector headlights are very popular in the auto industry.  The troublesome part about them as been installation.  With the trends constantly charging with halos, ccfl halos, and leds installation has always been a B@tch!  I wish manufacturers from over seas would just simply put the loose halos wires and led wires into the main plug and them these different types of projector headlights on the market can finally become “plug and play” (a term misused by every projector headlight distributor in the USA).  Till then here’s how you would install projector headlights that have halos and leds.

Step 1.

Before installing your brand new projector headlights you want to make sure you seal them to prevent moisture from getting into them in the future.  It’s better to get it right the 1st time than to keep putting on and taking off your projector headlights.  If you’re not sure how to do so please read your guide on how to seal your projector headlights before installation.  Click on the moisture picture below to read the guide.

Step 2.

After you have sealed your projector headlights you are ready to take care of the next step which is wiring.  Start by grouping and taping down the loose wires so they do not tangle.

Step 3.

Group the wires together, black being the ground and white being the positive.  Use the wires stripper to remove about a half inch of the plastic shielding to expose the copper wires.  Twist the two white wires together and do the same for the black.

Step 4.

Put the grouped white wires and black wires into one male crimp connector each.  Use the pliers and secure the wires into the male crimp plug.

Step 5.

Make sure the wires are secure in the male crimp plug.  Then add the electrical tape around where the wires go into the crimp plugs to finish up the job.

Step 6.

Now you will need to prepare the 2 extra wires included in the list.  Use the wire stripper to remove about half an inch of the plastic shielding to expose the copper wires to plug into the crimp connectors.  Do this for both black and red wires on one end each.

Step 7.

Lift the hood, get the volt meter ready for testing.  Turn on the headlights on the vehicle.  With the volt meter place the negative to the battery and use the positive to test the power.

Step 8.

You will now need to use the volt meter to test for power.  Usually on the headlight plug you will find a red wire, green wire, and black wire.  The black is the negative for ground so you can skip that.  You will need to test the green and red to find out which one is power or positive.

Step 9.

Once you determine which is the positive you need need to use the t-tap connector plugs to tap your loose wires into the headlights positive and negative wires.   In this case it will be the black with the black wire and red with the red wire.

Step 10.

When you are done it will look like this in the picture below.  Then you will need to use electrical tape to seal were the wire goes into the connectors for both red and black wires.

Step 11.

All you will have to do now is plug the black wire connector to the black wires on the headlight and the red wire connector to the white wires on the headlight.  Then plug in the main plug and you’re finished.

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