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Garage Parking Stop Helping Aid

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 22 - 2009Comments Off on Garage Parking Stop Helping Aid

Does that look like the dream garage we always wanted?  Tools all put away, everything is where it’s suppose to be, nice and clean.  I’m sure we all dream of having a garage that looks like the picture above, but most of our garages look like this. With work and everything else that’s going on with our lives, who has time to put away things.  And even if we did have time to clean we still would have stuff in our garage.  Come on everyone uses our garage for storage. Even... more

The Aggressive Eyebrow

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 22 - 20091 COMMENT

Are you tired of how your ride doesn’t look brand new anymore?  Why not make things more interesting with eyelids for your vehicle that can be painted to match the color of your ride.  When installed, it will transforms your ride into a aggressive looking beast.  Eyelids for your vehicle create a much more fierce look onto the front end of your ride. Eyebrows or eyelids are very common and a easy way to dress up your vehicle.  Eyebrows are made out of abs plastic which makes it easy... more

For those of you that are still not sure what carbon fiber is, once again carbon fiber is  a material consisting of tremendously thin fibers about 0.005–0.010 mm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.  The carbon atoms are attached together in microscopic crystals that are aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber.  The crystal coalition makes the fiber very strong for its size.  Carbon fiber has many different weave patterns and can be combined with a plastic resin and wound... more

DIY Chrome Mirror Cover Installation Guide

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 15 - 2009Comments Off on DIY Chrome Mirror Cover Installation Guide

By now, all of you should know that I love shinny objects. So, today I am going to show everyone how to install chrome mirror covers. This installation is going to be one of the must simple but requires cleaning.  But be warned: The following instructions are given for informative purposes only. Try at your own risk. Dash Z Racing is not responsible for damages because of this process.  This guide will give you a general idea of how to install chrome mirror covers. Step 1.  Start with either... more

DIY Chrome Door Handle Installation Guide

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 15 - 20093 COMMENTS

If you love shinny objects as much as me then you came to the right place.  Today, I’m going to show everyone how to install chrome door handles for your vehicle.  Even though Dash Z Racing has chrome door handles for pretty much every vehicle like Chevy or GMC, installation is 95% the same.  But be warned: The following instructions are given for informative purposes only. Try at your own risk. Dash Z Racing is not responsible for damages because of this process. Step 1. ... more

The New LED Headlight Trend At The 2009 Sema Auto Show

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 13 - 20091 COMMENT

Trends in the auto industry are always changing, from gangsta over sized bling rims to super loud mufflers that roar.  Remember spinners?  Come on you know what I’m talking about! Or how about spinner hubcaps.  Sometimes trends just get outta control in our industry.  Every time I feel that the auto world gets boring I just think about the time I saw a guy rolling down the street bumping 50cent with 3 spinner hubcaps and a spare tire.  Now if that ain’t funny to you, you definitely... more

Wet Carbon Fiber vs Dry Carbon Fiber

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On November - 8 - 20096 COMMENTS

Carbon fiber parts are very popular nowadays.  There are carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber trunks, carbon fiber tops, carbon fiber mirror covers, etc.  Moreover, there are a lot of brands manufacturer carbon fiber parts, for instance, SEIBON, VIS, NRG, Carbon Creations, etc.  If you are getting carbon fiber parts for your car, you might get confused by so many options on the market, as well as so many brands.  In fact, it is good if you can read this article to learn more about carbon fiber... more

2009 Sema Auto Show Las Vegas Convention Center

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 7 - 2009Comments Off on 2009 Sema Auto Show Las Vegas Convention Center

As you all probably know Dash Z Racing and all the employees here took a trip to the 2009 Sema Auto Show in Vegas.  The turn out for the show this year was less compared to last year.  Even though the show got smaller there were still a lot of dudes trying to hand out strip club business cards.  You know what I’m talking about, the ones always standing at the light before the entrance doing the flicking or the slapping.  I guess the strip clubs in Vegas are doing better than the auto... more

Dash Z Racing Muffler Reviews

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On November - 1 - 20091 COMMENT

Everyone loves a deep toned muffler.  To us a muffler is like a guitar, it makes beautiful music when our ride is in tuned with the perfect speed.  Dash Z Racing recently got a couple of new mufflers in stock.  I’m sure there is no need to inform my readers how a muffler works, I’ m sure you guys are well aware. But, here’s a little something just in case. With that aside, out of all the new mufflers I would have to say my favorite is the 5.5 inch wide oval muffler.  Not... more

Dash Z Racing Car Alarm Systems

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On October - 31 - 2009Comments Off on Dash Z Racing Car Alarm Systems

With the way the economy is going theft has been a common problem.  Come on let’s face it, there always going to be some asshole who might think about jacking or has already jacked your rims or lights or stereo.  And we all know there isn’t some magic force field that is going to protect our rides.  I wish I was able to pay some wizard 10 bucks to cast a spell that would protect my car but I can’t.   And don’t you hate it when let’s say you’re about to walk... more

The SLK, born as a compact roadster manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, since 1997.  Beloved by many as one of the first modern retractable hardtop convertibles,the SLK continues to out shine the competition on style and performance.  In German, the SLK is called Sportlich, Leicht und Kurz, meaning sporty, light and short, but here in American we view it as a status symbol for success.  And success is what Harold knows best. Harold lives in the good o’ Tar Heel State of North Carolina and recently... more

AEM Short Ram Intake System Questions And Pictures

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On October - 18 - 20092 COMMENTS

Today there are many short ram intake systems in the aftermarket world of auto parts.  With so many out there how do you know which brand is the right brand for you?  Well, let’s start by making sure you know what a short ram intake system is.  A short ram intake system is a replacement aftermarket intake made for automobiles with internal combustion engines.  It basically replaces the OEM air intake with a short metal pipe and a conical air filter inside the engine bay.  A significant... more

2006-2007 Volkswagen Golf V Depo Projector Headlights Review

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On October - 4 - 20093 COMMENTS

There are tons of projector headlights on the market for the Volkswagen Golf.  The latest model that was released not so long ago are the new L.E.D Audi R8 style projector headlights with chrome or black housing. Today we are going to review the 2006 to 2007 Volkswagen Golf V projector headlights made by Depo.  This unit from Depo comes in black or chrome housing with a twin halo step up. I found that installation for this unit was particularly easy.  Even though the grill and bumper has to... more

99-07 Audi TT R8 LED Strip Projector Headlights

Posted by dashzracing On September - 16 - 200910 COMMENTS

Audi R8 is so popular in the market now but not everyone has the budget to afford the sweet R8.  If you can only purchase the Audi TT and you are in UK, then you can ask Niche, a car tuning shop to help you.  Niche can convert the appearance of the Audi TT to Audi R8 with their R8 bodykit.  You just need to pay £7,951 for the R8 bodykit, lower suspension system and a pair of exhaust tips.  Moreover, you can add additional cost of £1,950 for the 2.0-liter and £2,500 for the 3.2-liter.  To... more

Latest Daytime Running Lights Fog Lights Introduction

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On August - 28 - 20094 COMMENTS

I guess you have read couple of our articles about R8 style LED projector headlights for different vehicles, if not, take some time and read these: Devil Eyes vs Angel Eyes New Audi LED Headlights Technology 1999-2005 Volkswagen Golf R8 Style LED Projector Headlight Installation Guide No doubt, the R8 style LED ( Devil Eye ) projector headlights is the latest trend for aftermarket projector headlights.  Therefore, we will provide more information about these new technology and design to our readers. ... more