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This installation guide will show how to install a VW Golf R8 style led projector headlight from Dash Z Racing.  The Golf headlights can be installed on to any Volkswagen Golf from 1999 to 2005.  The low beam uses a H3 light bulb that can be replaced for a HID upgrade. Tools For Installation Volkswagen Golf R8 Style LED Projector Headlight Installation Guide Step 1). Pop the hood and disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.  Then gently pull on the corners of the grill to unlock it. Step... more

Devil Eyes LED vs Angel Eyes Halo

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On July - 23 - 200912 COMMENTS

Hi everyone, Dash Z Racing currently carries BMW E36 Devil Eye LED Projector Headlights, 06-08 Audi A4 Devil Eye LED Projector Headlights, 99-04 Volkswagen Golf Devil Eye LED Projector Headlights, 99-04 Volkswagen Jetta Devil Eye LED Projector Headlights and 00-04 Ford Focus Devil Eye LED Projector Headlights now.  Let us look at the R8 style Projector Headlights available in Dash Z Racing: 92-98 BMW E36 LED Strip R8 style Projector Headlights 99-04 Volkswagen Jetta LED Strip R8 Style Projector... more

History of BMW 3 Series

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On June - 30 - 20092 COMMENTS

BMW E21 ( 1975-1983 ) BMW E21 is the first BMW 3 Series compact executive car in 1975-1983.  Paul Bracq, Director of Design in BMW from 1970-1974, is credited with the design direction of BMW E21 3 Series, while Wilhelm Hofmeister is credited with the first drawing of the BMW E21 design.  BMW E21 models include 315, 316, 318, 318i, 320, 320i, 320/6 and 323i. BMW E30 ( 1982-1994 ) BMW E30 3 Series is the successor of BMW E21.  The first BMW E30 introduced to the market is the BMW M3.  BMW E30... more

New “Four Door COUPE” Volkswagen CC

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On June - 1 - 20092 COMMENTS

  Hi Everyone, it is dashz monkey time again.  Yes, “Four Door Coupe” is what I intent to put on the title, not a typo!  When you see the spec of the newest 2009 VW CC, you will know how can Volkswagen embeds a coupe style into a sedan. Classic sedan is usually with luxury-style like Lexus GS350  and BMW 535, or with family-style like Honda Accord Sedan, Toyota Camry or Volkswagen Passat.  Inspired by Mercedes Benz CLS, Volkswagen presented to you the newest VW CC, which streamlined... more

The Perfect Mixture of Luxury and Sport – Bentley Continental GT

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On April - 24 - 20095 COMMENTS

Luxury.  Sport.  Speed.  In order to connect these words, I can only think of one thing – Bentley Continental GT!  As an european cars blogger, it is almost a mandatory assignment to write an article about Bentley Continental GT, because this car is a mixture of beauty, style, luxury and performance! Bentley Continental GT features a 6.0 Liter Engine with W12 twin turbo, which produces 552 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque, with w12 twin turbo boost, it can go up to 621 horsepower... more

The New 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On March - 1 - 20092 COMMENTS

I am always a Mercedes Benz fans, but I have admit that I am not a ML-class fans.  With so many choices for SUV, BMW’s X3, X5 and the new X6, Audi’s new Q5 and Q7, Volkswagen’s Touareg, Lexus’s GX470, RX330, Acura’s MDX, RDX, Mercedes Benz finally stands up and say “What the world! Mercedes Benz needs to have a SUV and Benz needs to be the best!!” Indeed, Mercedes Benz makes a SUV catchup in 2010!  The brand new Mercedes Benz GLK is a 5 passengers 4... more

10 most and least ticketed cars

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On February - 6 - 20092 COMMENTS

I found this piece of information on yahoo, and I’ll put them in the blog and hope it is useful to our readers! 10 Most Ticketed Cars 1. Hummer H2 People who love the Hummer H2 probably love its bold, imposing looks. Apparently, cops love the H2 because it helps them meet their ticket quotas. Here’s a tip: If you have an H2, maybe you shouldn’t drive it near then end of the month when traffic cops are scrambling to make their numbers. 2. Scion tC Seeing the tC on the most-ticketed... more

The Mercedes Benz Monster – CLK GTR Roadster

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On January - 29 - 20098 COMMENTS

Hi Everyone, happy to be the first one to post an article on Dash Z Racing in 2009.  What in the world!  I had a crazy new year vacation and I am becoming a fat monkey!  Wish all our readers have a wonderful 2009 as well. The Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR was born to race on the track.  The CLK-GTR Roadster was mainly built by HWA GmbH, a company with a long history in Mercedes Benz racing. A limited edition road-going version of the Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR was built in a limited edition of 25 units. ... more

VW Eos – The best convertible car ever!

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On December - 9 - 20081 COMMENT

Recently, there is a car from Volkswagen that caught my attention.  Its sporty outlook and its retractable hard-top convertible feature really surprised me.  The car I am talking about here is the Volkswagen EOS. When I first saw EOS on the street, it is not that special, well… similar to a VW Passat, but smaller and more sporty.  However, as I did more research on this car, I found that this car is with the expensive feature – hardtop convertible.  As I do more research,... more

You want a HALO on your head?

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On October - 26 - 20084 COMMENTS

NEW Audi LED headlight technology – Additional Safety and Style Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi September 30 th, 2008 Hi Everyone, this is Ingar again.  If you have visited our Dash Z Racing online store, you should see a lot of halo angel eyes projector headlights on the web site.  Today, I will give you a brief history about angel eyes halo rings and an introduction of the latest halo rings technologoy – Cold Casod Fluorescent Tubing (CCFL halo rings).I am a writer... more

New Audi LED headlights technology

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On September - 30 - 20085 COMMENTS

NEW Audi LED headlight technology – Additional Safety and Style Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi September 30 th, 2008 Hi Everyone, This is Ingar.  Lately, I fall in love with all new Audi cars, all because of the attractive LED headlights in the dark!  Look at the pictures above, isn’t it the coolest lights in the world?! Back in 2003 Pikes Peak Concept at Detroit, Audi showed a slat-shaped LED fog light which amazed... more

2008 BMW M3 Coupe – WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Perfect combination of style and performance!! Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi August 10 th, 2008 Hi Everyone, This is Ingar, who say monkeys can’t be a professional article writer?! I’ve seen a lot of European cars and I always keep my eyes on all new vehicles. Recently, one car, the 2008 BMW M3 Coupe, is really catching my attention, so I HAVE to leave my... more