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General Guide On How To Install An Intake System.

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On June - 8 - 20092 COMMENTS

Hi guys, just writing a simple air intake install this week. But be warned: The following instructions are given for informative purposes only. Try at your own risk. Dash Z Racing is not responsible for damages because of this process. Let’s begin, before you remove the factory intake please make sure your engine has been cooled.  In order to maximize the amount of access we suggest removing the wheel closest to the air intake or just turn the steering wheel away from the intake.  To begin... more

LED Tail lights Installation Guide

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On March - 30 - 20093 COMMENTS

Installing LED tail lights is not as difficult as installing the headlights, because most headlights require wiring connection for the halo rings and LED, yet most LED tail lights usually comes with plug for direct plug in application. In this installation guide, we will use 2008 GMC Yukon LED tail lights as an example; however, the installation steps for all LED tail lights are very similar, so you should be able to apply this installation guide with your LED tail lights as well. 2008 GMC Yukon... more

97-02 Honda Prelude Fog Lights Installation Guide

Posted by dashzracing On March - 9 - 20092 COMMENTS

This thread’s purpose is to show the installation procedure for installing JDM fog lights.  This came with: the assemblies, exterior and interior harnesses, relay, mounting hardware, and switch. Tools Needed: -Ratchet w/ metric sockets -Flat Head Screwdriver (Long and Thin) -Long Phillips Head -Flashlight -Electrical Tape I will start on the interior side and then move to the exterior. 1. First disconnect the negative battery cable just to be on the safe side. Also make sure you have four mounting... more

Angel Eyes Halo Projector Headlights Installation Guide

Posted by dashzracing On March - 3 - 20098 COMMENTS

Tools that you might need: – Socket wrench and 10mm socket – Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers – Clear silicone caulk, oven, oven mits, flat pan, goo-gone, crappy towels, Windex, newspaper Estimate time need: 4 hrs Difficulty: If I can do, why you can’t? Introduction You get the new pair of projector headlights with halo rings and L.E.D. and are urged to get them installed? Don’t worry, read on! First of all, let us make it clear, it is a general installation... more