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This is DIY step by step installation guide for installing the Brand New 05-10 Dodge Charger 1 Piece LED Headlights.  These LED Headlights has chrome housing, black housing, smoke housing available at Dashzracing storefront.  Although the installation is easy to follow, we would recommend a professional install or assistance in order to install these headlights correctly and safely.  Now, let’s get started and if you still didn’t get the new 05-10 Dodge Charger 1 Piece LED Headlights yet, don’t forget to go to Dashzracing storefront and get them today.

Here’s the back of the LED headlights and you can see where the low beam, high beam, and turn signal lights are located.  There are 4 screws to hold the headlight.

This is the bracket that you need to install on the vehicle before you can install the new headlight

There are 8 clips to remove on the top of the front bumper.  Use a panel popper and carefully remove the clips.

Remove the nine screws that secure the belly pan to the bottom of the bumper using a 7mm socket.

There are 3 screws on the side that you need to remove as show above.

On the body frame and side bumper you need to remove 2 screws and 1 nut.

Then you can push out the corner signal lights.

Now you can remove the bumper completely.

Remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.  There are 3 screws, 2 on the top, and one on the bottom of the headlight.

Install the Mounting Bracket first onto the car, align the screws where you mount the OEM Headlights.

The arrows showed the screws that you need to put on in order to install the bracket.

After installing the mounting bracket for both side, put the front bumper back on the car and bolt all the screws back on the bumper.

Install the low beam, high beam and trn signal onto the new headlight.  The LED wires are connected to the corner bumper lights.

The new headlight should slide thru the bumper onto the mounting bracket.

Once you align the screw to the mounting bracket, bolt the screws back on using a 10mm socket.  There are 4 mounting point behind the headlight.

Once the headlight have been bolt on, check for all the light function and make sure all lights are working properly.

The installation is now completed.

05-10 Dodge Charger 1 Piece LED Headlights – Chrome

05-10 Dodge Charger 1 Piece LED Headlights – Smoke

05-10 Dodge Charger 1 Piece LED Headlights – Black

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