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You want a HALO on your head?

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On October - 26 - 2008

NEW Audi LED headlight technology – Additional Safety and Style Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi September 30 th, 2008

Hi Everyone, this is Ingar again.  If you have visited our Dash Z Racing online store, you should see a lot of halo angel eyes projector headlights on the web site.  Today, I will give you a brief history about angel eyes halo rings and an introduction of the latest halo rings technologoy – Cold Casod Fluorescent Tubing (CCFL halo rings).I am a writer for Dash Z Racing European cars articles, why I will talk about halo rings?

It is because “angel eyes rings” actually came from the BMW line of cars. A lot of the modern BMW cars have LED rings that circles the low and high beam lights in the headlights set.  The LED rings look like the angel halo rings; therefore, people gave this style a name either “Angel Eyes” or “Halo”.  In fact, the old BMW halo rings are separate from the headlights, so yes, they look pretty cool but they do not function as lighting the road.  However, the CCFL halo, which we will talk about it in detail in just a second, provides 3 times brighter light source than old halo lights; thus, it gives you a better look and light source when driving in the dark.  It is true that only BMW cars come with stock halo projector headlights; however, a lot of aftermarket car parts manufacturers used the halo ring idea to apply on their products, so we have a lot of different kind of aftermarket halo projector headlights on the market now.  If you are interested to search a headlights for your car, come to our web site www.dashzracing.com and search for the halo projector headlights for your car!

As angel eyes are getting more popular, manufacturers start to apply tem into different products. As you can see in the above pictures, halo rings are not limited to use in headlights set now.  Manufacturers made halo fog lights, halo tail lights, and even halo lights on grilles.Although manufactures has made a lot of halo headlights for different model of cars, for some very new model or some model that is not as popular, you might need to custom made a halo headlights yourself.  When we talk about custom made halo headlights, it is a good time to introduce the CCFL halo rings.  A lot of CCFL halo comes with the halo and wires, and customers have to take out the
headlights cover, install the CCFL halo, close and seal the headlights cover again, and the wire the CCFL
to the power source.  Indeed, installing CCFL is a very complicated process; however it is very fun to do and can make your car so special on the road!
Above pictures are CCFL halo rings, so what is CCFL?Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) are sealed glass tubes filled with inert gases. When a high voltage is placed across the tube, the gases ionize creating ultraviolet (UV) light. The UV light, in turn, excites an inner coating of phosphor, creating visible light. CCFLs have many desirable features, including:

* Excellent white light source
* Low cost
* High efficiency (electrical power in, to light out)
* Long life (> 25K hours)
* Stable and predictable operation
* Brightness can be easily varied
* Light weight

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