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LED Tail lights Installation Guide

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On March - 30 - 2009

Installing LED tail lights is not as difficult as installing the headlights, because most headlights require wiring connection for the halo rings and LED, yet most LED tail lights usually comes with plug for direct plug in application. In this installation guide, we will use 2008 GMC Yukon LED tail lights as an example; however, the installation steps for all LED tail lights are very similar, so you should be able to apply this installation guide with your LED tail lights as well.


2008 GMC Yukon Stock Tail lights


2008 GMC Yukon LED Tail lights from Anzo USA

Step 1


Use a screw driver to remove the screws and pulled out the stock tail lights.

Step 2


The next step is to pull out the stock light bulbs and harness.  Some of the LED tail lights come with the new light bulbs and harness with the package.  If your LED tail lights do not have light bulbs or harness, you need to apply the stock one later on.

Step 3


A ballast is included with the LED tail lights, you can double tape it to the back of the tail lights.

Step 4


Connect the stock harness to the ballast and plug in the light bulbs to the hole.  If the LED tail lights come with light bulbs and harness, apply the new one instead of the stock one.  And now you can screw the tail lights back to your car, and it is done!


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