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Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On July - 10 - 2008


Posted by Koneko Kumamoto July 10 th, 2008

To All My Readers, Hey guys it’s me Koneko. This is going to my first article on Dash Z Racing, I hope you guys enjoy what I have to say. If I start to bore please write to me and let me know. I also take request, if there are any topics you guys would love to discuss please write to me. You guys can reach me at konekokumamoto@yahoo.com. I’m going to let these ketchup covered fingers get to work. Sorry I just ate! Love & Spanks, Koneko Kumamoto.

Since the Tokyo Motor Show there has been one car I’m sure we all have been following very closely. Come on guys, I’m sure you know what car I’m talking about. If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s the 2009 Nissan Skyline GT-R. This legend was born in 1969 and every since then the name Skyline has been engraved in our brains. This car is hard to the core man. Come on, you know everyone and their mom has one saved on Gran Turismo for Play Station. We have all dreamt about owning one of these bad boys and now if you have the money to afford its HUGE price tag, the dream may come true. As for the rest of us poor peasants we shall continue to play Gran Turismo.

The 09 Nissan Skyline GTR is expected to be the “Super Car” of the Japanese car performance industry. With its 24-valve V6 handcrafted 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged engine this car is no Nissan Altima. It’s more like a badass samurai that od’ed on Viagra, packing 480 ponies @ 6400 rpm and 430 pounds of torque. Most of the time I’m the one doing all the spanking but the GT-R has spanked the Porsche 911 turbo and the Corvette Z06. If you read as much Road-and-Track as I do, you would of found out in May’s issue the Nissan GT-R had a lap time of 1:56.9 vs. the Porsche 911 turbo at 2:02.1 vs. the Corvette Z06 at 2:02.2. The Nissan GT-R is expected to have a price tag of around $70,000. Astonishing is it not? After reading all that don’t you just want one so bad? Picture yourself driving a brand new Nissan GT-R with the windows rolled down, cruising down your block, bumping 2 pac, California love. Well wake up, and start anticipating like the rest of us. Make sure to stay tuned with Dash Z Racing. We will continue to bring you related information, pictures, and videos of the amazing 2009 Nissan GT-R.

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