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Nissan Titan Off Road Lights with Built-in 6000K HID Kit

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On May - 9 - 2010

Have you seen those 4×4 off road lights mounted on the grille, bumper or roof of a Nissan Titan and give the Titan an off road look as well as a brighter light source? Dash Z Racing goes one step further, we carry these Nissan Titan 4×4 off road lights with build in 6000K HID kit, and these Nissan Titan off road lights will your Titan a super bright off road lights with pure white light output.  The HID ballast is built in the base of the off road lights, and you just need to connect the wire and the HID kit will work immediately.

These Nissan Titan Off Road Lights are with the screw bottom that can be mounted on your grille, grille guard, bull bar, bumper or the roof.  Depending on the position you mount your off road lights, some extra parts, e.g. light bar, off road lights mounting brackets, etc, might be needed.  If you wanna give your Nissan Titan a more aggressive off road look, or you really need more light source for off road purpose, you probably need more than one set of these lights, and mount them on different position, so you can see the road clearly.  Because these off road lights are with HID system, you would get a brighter light output than normal off road lights, so a pair of these off road lights will be sufficient for regular use.

Let’s take a look on some Nissan Titan with the off road lights mounted on already.  You can also see some of the Nissan Titan does not need extra bracket or light bar for mounting the off road lights, but for some location such as the roof or bumper, you might need some bracket or light bar that you need to purchase separately for installation.  If you already have the light bar or bracket for your off road lights already, Dash Z Racing’s 4×4 HID off road lights will be a perfect upgrade for your off road lights system and our off road lights can mounted on your car perfectly.

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