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Has This Ever Happened To Your Headlights?


Moisture being trapped inside of projector headlights or OEM headlights has always been a common problem.  In order to seek the proper answer to this issue we first need to understand the problem at hand.  First, moisture inside of your projector headlights or stock headlights does not mean there is water leaking from them.  There are a couple of reasons why moisture may start to form inside your headlights.  This occurs when cold weather or other reasons decrease the temperature on the headlight lens.  Once the headlight is turned on hot or warm air inside the headlight touches the cooler lens, the hot air would turn into moisture inside the headlights.  It can also be that your projector headlights are not sealed properly, letting air enter the headlights turning it into moisture thus creating the condensation inside of your headlights.

How To Prevent Moisture Or Condensation In New Projector Headlights


When you purchase a new set of projector headlights or aftermarket headlights do not be so eager to install them.  Make sure you install them the correct way so that you don’t have to keep taking them on and off the car to fix things.  First, what you want to do is purchase flowable silicone from your local auto store or on the internet.  You may need a couple of tubes depending on the size of the headlights.  It’s going to look like this.


Then you will need to find where the lens meets the housing.  Check out the picture below.


Once you find it, closely inspect it for any cracks or small holes.  If you don’t find any that’s great news but if you do that just means more silicone has to be added to those areas.  You want to use the flowable silicone to lay down a nice thick line where the lens and housing meet.




Keep laying down the silicone and follow the trail once around the headlight.  Make sure the silicone gets down into the crease.  If you’re having a hard time getting the silicone into the crease use a needle or hair pin.  Once finished let the silicone dry for one to two hours then install your new headlights.  The flowable silicone will prevent air getting into your new headlights.  Also in the back of the headlights you will want to make sure the rubber boot on your projector headlights is set in tight.  If it’s not, air can easily get into your projector headlights.


There also can be a chance there is already some air trapped in the headlights so the moisture problem might appear on the first day.  But it will go away after two to three days depending on the state you live in.

How To Remove Moisture Or Condensation In Projector Headlights

If you already have moisture or condensation forming inside your projector headlights or stock headlights, you will need to remove the headlights from the vehicle.  Next you will have to remove the light bulbs and air out the moisture trapped within your headlightsDO NOT LEAVE YOUR HEADLIGHTS IN THE SUN TO DRY! This will cause water marks inside the headlights which can not be cleaned.  I recommend using moisture absorbers from the pill bottles.


When you have adsorbed all the moisture, use the flowable silicone to seal the projector headlights then reinstall them onto your vehicle.   Mark sure to cover up all cracks or small holes with the flowable silicone.  A little trick I use on my projector headlights is that tape some silica gel packs on the inside of my rubber bot that way it adsorbs moisture just in case the problem occurs again.

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