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Tips when buying Aftermarket Headlights and why pick Dash Z Racing

Posted by Ingar Charlie Bordi On June - 27 - 2011

If you have visited our Dash Z Racing store, you will find that we have aftermarket headlights and aftermarket projector headlights available for a lot of vehicles.  Among all these headlights and projector headlights, there are also a lot of choices varied in price, feature, quality, color, etc.  If you are not familiar with all these aftermarket headlights and its features, you will feel dizzy picking the headlights for your vehicle.  Well, although we are carrying different headlights with various brands, quality, features and colors, we would like to give you some recommendations to guide you through your shopping process and hopefully you will have a perfect buying experience with Dash Z Racing.  Let’s go through couple key things to look at when you are looking for a pair of aftermarket headlights:

1.  Pricing: Why headlights have different pricing?

It is not a very difficult question to answer, but to dig in the details, it can become quite complicated.  Generally speaking, quality of the material, feature and design usually determine the price.

First of all, the quality of material is one big issue to determine the price.  For instance, a manufacturer can use different plastic to build the lens of the headlights, and therefore, the lens might melt easily if manufacturer is not using a good quality lens.  For aftermarket headlights manufacturer by name brand companies, like Eagle Eye, DEPO, TYC, they usually use machine to seal the edge of the lens and the back with silicon.  The benefit to use machine to seal the edge is to make sure the silicon is distribute evenly on the edge and make sure the edge is sealed perfectly.  In contrast, some small manufacturer might put on silicon gel onto the headlights manually, which leads to two problems: the gel is not evenly on the edge and it might not seal perfectly and therefore moisture might get into the headlights.

Tips: Dash Z Racing does not carry aftermarket headlights with cheap quality because we would like to control the quality to avoid customer complaints as well.  The best quality of headlights on our web site will most likely be the projector headlights manufactured by Eagle Eyes or crystal headlights manufactured by DEPO.  They use the best quality of material and the best technology to ensure the headlights are perfect.

2. Lighting Feature on the headlights

A lot of people should have heard about CCFL halo projector headlights, halo projector headlights, R8 Style LED Strip projector headlights, etc.  These terms are actually describing the lighting feature on the headlights.  In reality and in usual cases, more lighting feature increases the cost of the headlights.  It makes sense because each halo ring or each LED cost money, and adding more LEDs onto a headlights will definitely make the headlights cost more.  Moreover, in order to have a projector headlights with different lighting features, the manufacturers have to create a tooling in order to mass produce the headlights.  A tooling usually cost a lot of money, and therefore, the projector headlights with LED or halo usually cost more than regular crystal headlights.

However, as we mentioned earlier, more lighting features means higher cost in usual cases, why is not all cases.  This is very important and you, as a customer, should pay attention before purchase as well.  A lot of sellers usually make some headlights with all the lighting features with cheaper material, and therefore, they can sell at a cheaper price comparing to brand name projector headlights with the same features.  For instance, Eagle Eyes use high quality CCFL halo rings with their projector headlights and Philips LED for the decorative LEDs; however, some sellers on eBay might sell similar headlights with loose projector lens, cheap lens cover, low quality LED that burns easily, and LED halo rings that are not bright at all.  In order to compete the market, these small sellers have to make the light look as similar as the name brands.

Tips: When you look for a headlights, always comparing the features of the headlights and see why there are a price difference.  And then, you should decide if you really like the lighting feature or not.  For example, if you think the R8 Style LED strip is a very nice feature, then you should definitely look for headlights with LED strip; however, if you think you want to keep the clean headlights look, you might want to search more on the crystal headlights section and save some money as well.

3. After Sale Help, Return Policy, Warranty

A lot of people neglect after sale help or warranty when they purchase a set of headlights.   Although we are not experts about installing headlights, we do have the general concept to guide you through the installation process and give you some insight about how to install.  And we do have 30 day return policy and 1 year extend warranty; therefore, you see that we are very confident in our product and we stand behind our product with great customer service.

Tips: You can buy headlights at a lot of different marketplace or web sites on internet, however always consider customer service and warranty as a main part of your purchase as well.  Web sites with good customer service usually sells high quality products because we take all the loss when problem occurs and  we definitely want to eliminate products with problems that might make us lose money.  As a result, our customers will have more confidence buying from Dash Z Racing and we will also have more time and resource to deal with customers if problems happen.

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