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Yellow Lens Paint Spray, A Easy Way To Get A Fresh New Look

Posted by Koneko Kumamoto On December - 4 - 2010

Have you noticed that a lot of cars on the road are starting to have really bright yellow fog lights?  It’s the latest trend in the auto world.  I’m sure you have even seen some cars with yellow headlights as well.  This look really fits on certain vehicles like the Lexus IS300, any Honda Civic, Acura Integra, and many more.  Some call it the JDM look, personally I’m a fan of this look.  If you’re fog lights are not yellow it’s easy to get them to have a yellow lens, all you need is yellow lens paint spray by vans.

Yellow lens spray can be used in many ways, headlights, fog lights, and even corner lights.  One can of spray is enough for about four headlights depending how yellow you want the product to come out.  If you’re looking for a light yellow then two coats is enough.  The dark the look you’re looking for just add more coats.  Make sure you let each coat dry before applying the next coat.  It takes about one hour to dry.  Yellow lens paint is a easy and quick way to add a fresh new look on to your ride.  You can change the whole out look of your car for a couple of bucks.  We also suggest being yellow bulbs or 3000k hid system if you really want the full effect of having yellow headlights or fog lights.  Check out some of our installed pictures below.

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